YMUK - Education

We organise regular weekly face to face & on-line circles for children between the ages of 10-16 to help youngsters to
develop a close relationship with their Creator and to be effective at bringing good to themselves, their families, communities and society at large.
Register here: https://bit.ly/3wGsyDD

The circles cover Islamic Etiquette and Manners, Basic Islamic Beliefs, Seerah (Life of the Prophet (PBUH), Games, and Occasional for outdoor events and programmes.

We aim to have Qiyam-Ul-Layl programmes at least twice a year. These usually take place in Mosques and community centres in Birmingham. Consent forms are also required to attend these type of events.

The Family Circles occur every so often, to which all family members – babies to grandparents are invited! These circles also include food and an address by speakers from across the UK.

Shaddad bin Aws narrated that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “The intelligent one is the one who holds himself responsible and works for what is after death. And the incompetent one is the one who indulges himself in pursuit of personal desire and
importunes God” -Tirmidhi 2459

Umar bin al-Khattāb heard the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) saying: “If you really trusted in God as God should be trusted, God would sustain you as God sustains the birds – they go out in the morning hungry, and come back to rest in the evening full”
(Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah)

Tarbiyah will be delivered by trying to develop intelligence in an array of areas.

By intelligence we mean a deeply ingrained understanding and the skill to use this understanding in a practically effective way, meaning in a way that brings more good and averts harm. Hence, the syllabus includes the following areas:

  1. Spiritual intelligence
  2. Philosophical intelligence
  3. Moral intelligence
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Social intelligence
  6. Community intelligence
  7. Societal intelligence
  8. Bodily intelligence
  9. Academic intelligence
YMUK - Education