Getting involved with MYG is a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and gain reward by working on an Islamic cause with others. See some of the ways that you can help MYG below.

YMUK - Education


Muslim Youth Groups was built on the hard work and dedication of selfless volunteers who spent hours working to make projects successful. This is why we truly value each and every volunteer and the great contribution they make to the dawah.

Not only does the organisation benefit from volunteers, but volunteering is a great way for you to learn new skills and develop yourself. Volunteers get opportunities to work on projects they're passionate about, contribute new ideas to the group and develop a range of key personal and professional skills.

YMUK - Education


Are you looking to run activities for young Muslims in your area? We’re here to help support individuals who want to help benefit and develop Islamic circles and activities within their community.

To help you along the way, we provide practical support so that you have the resources and knowledge to reach more people and increase the impact of your work locally. We will also provide opportunities for growth by developing training programmes and recognising local initiatives and achievements where possible.

Whatever your age, background and interests, we have something for everyone! Send us your details through our contact page and we’ll find a local representative to speak to you about joining MYG.