FREE ingredients to assemble food parcels

Help us feed 1000 UK needy families!

Islam teaches Muslims to be helpful to others, particularly to those who are in need. We have therefore devised a campaign to put this fundamental part of the teachings of Islam into practice with our youngsters.

We have managed to source a number of ingredients to create food packs for families in need, and we need YOUR help to assemble and distribute them!



Simply follow the steps below:


STEP 1: Collect 12 packs (or more) worth of ingredients AT NO COST TO YOU from Plate Factory, Unit 4, 11 Jameson Road, Aston, Birmingham, B6 7SJ – please call 07843 907 908 to arrange a suitable time

STEP 2: Assemble the packs with your family at home

STEP 3: Deliver the packs to a local school which currently supply food parcels to needy children



We will be able to supply you with the following ingredients at no cost to you

Unable to collect the ingredients?

If you’re unable to collect the ingredients from the address above, you can also create your own food packs using the guide below:

Creating your own food parcelĀ  – CLICK HERE

Please print the message and bucket list off and insert it in to your food parcel – CLICK HERE

Please print the box label and stick it on to your box – CLICK HERE

Please deliver the packs to a local school which currently supply food parcels to needy children


1) Collect the ingredients for FREE from our hub



2) Pick the ingredients you’ve collected for free from our hub

3) Assemble the card board boxes which you have collected for free from our hub

4) Place all of the ingredients into the cardboard box

5) Put the YM Message and Bucket List into the cardboard box

6) Attach the contents sticker to the box

7) Say “Alhamdulillah” for all of Allah’s (SWT) blessings!

8) Deliver them to your local school or any other needy families which you know of






Greet Primary School:


Please whatsapp your experiences in making these packs to 07843 907908, and we’ll endeavour to share them on this page, insha Allah!


We’ve managed to distribute over 700 food parcels so far – please help us achieve out target of 1000 by contacting 07843 907908